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What is Paxton10?

Paxton10 delivers out of the box access control, IP video management and building automation. It interfaces with existing building infrastructure to control lighting, heating, air conditioning, intruder and fire alarms.

The system comprises a web-based user interface for easy building management and a selection of discreet hardware.

Paxton10 is a fully integrated building intelligence system providing security, convenience and energy efficiency.

Paxton10 uses inputs, like the identification of a person or change in environment, to intelligently and automatically adjust security features and appliances.

Built with elegance and simplicity in mind, Paxton10 is suitable for all types of buildings.

Hear what Adam Stroud, Paxton Group CEO has to say

Why Paxton10?


Utilises a fully integrated access control, IP video management and building automation system whilst interfacing with intruder and fire alarms.


Highly intuitive user interface with powerful and flexible building automation hardware and software. Practical modular design that’s scalable for a range of sites.

Energy efficiency

Intelligently control appliances within a building, helping to manage energy usage efficiently. Utilises a PoE network for its power; designed to use as little energy as possible.

Paxton10 system

Paxton10 is based on powerful technology and has been designed to be automatically field upgradeable as additional functionality is added over time. The architecture of the system has been designed with simplicity at its core. Paxton10 offers integrated functionality straight out of the box. Paxton10 uses inputs, like detecting a person or change in environment, to intelligently and automatically adjust security features and appliances for convenience and energy efficiency.

This includes aspects such as integrated access control and video management, control of devices such as heating and lighting, integration with fire and intruder alarms and identification of users through smart devices. The system is straightforward to set up and provides a scalable and resilient solution for a range of sites.

See how the Paxton10 system works

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Paxton10 is an interesting product that has its place in the marketplace, especially where customers want CCTV integration, with the option of incorporating future building intelligence.

Daniel Green

Business Manager at ASG

We’ve put Paxton10 to the test, and it’s great. We think outside the box here, and with Paxton10 there are so many possibilities for different solutions for a variety of companies.

Tony Easingwood

Account Manager at Advantex

Being a Paxton10 partner means we have access to the latest Paxton10 products and new features - as well as Paxton’s high level of support and service. I would recommend that others become Paxton10 partners and make the most of the free training.

Dean Hawkins

Director at Vistec Systems

Learn everything you need to know about the Paxton10 system by going through our partner training. Learn how to sell, install, and operate Paxton10 hardware and use the software management tools to get the most from the system. Learn more about upcoming product releases including video management, integrated alarms as well as automated building services such as lighting and heating.