What is Paxton10?

Paxton10 is a building intelligence system. Specifically, it provides fully integrated access control, video management and building automation right out of the box.

  • access control - Using conventional RFID tokens or Bluetooth Smart devices, people can identify themselves at doors in order to gain access. Paxton10 offers powerful tools for giving specific permissions to individuals and groups of people. Access decisions are made by Paxton10 controllers which are installed locally to the doors.
  • video management - Paxton10 works in conjunction with all types of IP cameras in order to facilitate live viewing and the recording of video footage directly to the Paxton10 controllers. By coupling recorded video with the access control movements around the building, it becomes very easy to find the archived footage you're looking for.
  • building automation - Paxton10 can communicate directly with many types of existing building systems such as alarms, heating, air conditioning and lighting. Using the data provided by access control movements, Paxton10 can ensure that the intruder alarm is set and unset as appropriate, and that devices and appliances are on when you need them, and off when you don’t.

The conventional way of providing this level of highly integrated functionality is to install separate systems and 'stitch' them together. While this approach is suitable for some projects, it is too complex, specialised and expensive for many. Paxton10 is the first system to offer this level of functionality in a single package that is practical and cost-effective for all building types. This consolidation of functionality is possible due to significant recent advances in technology such as the availability of cost-effective, hugely powerful microprocessors.

The area controller architecture makes Paxton10 suitable for projects of all sizes, from the smallest shop to the largest university campus. The system is managed and used using highly intuitive web-based software meaning there's no software to install or upgrade.

With Paxton10 building intelligence, a building becomes more secure, convenient and energy efficient.

   Adam Stroud, Paxton Group CEO